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22 November 2013

Check out my latest short story Hole in the Review of Australian Fiction, Vol. 8 Issue 3.

August 2012

The Courier's New Bicycle has been shortlisted for a Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime Fiction, and is on the longlist of the 2011 Davitt Awards for Best Crime Novel by an Australian Woman Published in Australia.

12 June 2012

The Courier's New Bicycle has won the 2012 Australian Ditmar Award for Best Novel. Heartfelt thanks to all the voting readers.

12 May 2012

The Courier's New Bicycle has been announced the winner of an Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.

March 2012

The Courier’s New Bicycle has been selected for the Honour List of the 2011 Tiptree Award: www.tiptree.org/2011-james-tiptree-award and shortlisted for an Aurealis Award www.aurealisawards.com.

December 2011

The author's revised version of 'Cassandra's Hands' is in the new Escape anthology edited by Bronwyn Mehan for Spineless Wonders Press.

25 November 2011

'Trouble in Nine Acts', a story about a failed sleuth and trouble magnet, has just won the Scarlet Stiletto Awards Judges' Prize. All proceeds will be spent on good coffee.

18 November 2011

'Falling through the genre cracks and finding Wonderland', an article about genre and gender labelling, has been posted on Overland Literary Journal's website. Read it here.

5 November 2011

'By Any Other Name', a story about nostalgia, is in the new Anywhere But Earth anthology.

18 September 2011

The Varuna Writers' House writer-a-day project has an excerpt of The Courier's New Bicycle read by the author.

September 2011

Kim Westwood The Courier's New BicycleThe Courier’s New Bicycle is out! Set in the atmospheric alleyways of Melbourne just a few socio-political changes from now, it's twenty days in the adrenaline-fuelled life of Salisbury Forth: courier of contraband, gender transgressive and accidental sleuth. The Sydney Morning Herald selected it as Pick of the Week, and Australian Bookseller & Publisher has given it a four-star review, describing it as 'a disturbingly credible and darkly noir post-cyberpunk tale'.
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July 2011

'Tripping Over the Light Fantastic' has been rebroadcast on ABC Radio National's Sunday Story program. In it a self-confessed dance tragic goes to audition for the After Dark Dance Studio, a place that is not what it seems.

'Nightship', originally published in the anthology Dreaming Again, has gained a place in Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy - Fifth Annual Volume, published by Mirrordanse Books.

writing the poetic apocalyptic

august 30, 2010

Many of my short stories have a preoccupation with humanity’s capacity for destruction and equal instinct for survival, while the rhythms and nuances draw inspiration from the language of poetry. The characters often inhabit a near-future Australia where something has been turned on its head. I think this is because my imagination has a kind of chemical reaction to living on Terra Australis, and responds strongly to its properties.
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